Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is the manual?

Why, oh why didn't our children come with a manual? A place where we can look at the troubleshooting chart and have a few options for each situation. Here I am. Flying out here not know which end is up sometimes. Did my parents feel like this? I must call again and let them know how much I love them and how sorry I am many things. This age is hard for me, 8 and 6. I am really good with the babies and good with the tween to teenagers; it is this time between the two I am struggling with. Well, my 6 year old just gave me a big unsolicited hug. The aftermath of a meltdown can can be brutal. (Her meltdown, not mine! yet!) I feel so helpless sometimes and want so badly to..............know what they need. From life, from me. I must get on to get dinner together. I am praying God will show me what to do and how to just be.


I think I just created a blog to keep my thoughts off the blog I created for my girls!!! So people don't have to plod through my words to find out about my girls, I decided to go for it and make another blog. This is easy. Maybe too easy. Oh, well. I have to be off and get laundry going and spread clean through the house. And yes, Mimi, I made my bed this morning, put my clothes away last night AND gave the girls a hug for you!