Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Student Teaching

I started my student teaching this past Monday. It is great. I love my cooperating teacher and am learning a lot of things. It is different from substituting. Better. I know before the day of what I will be doing. More time to prepare and feel prepared. Right now I am doing 6th grade math. 2 regular math classes and 2 accelerated math classes. Tomorrow I will be teaching one class period! I am pretty excited about that. I now have to end my short "break time" and get dinner decided on and made, as well as do some laundry, on top of doing my student teaching homework all while needing to moistuize in the worst way!!!! This is my life. Oh yeah, I also need to be sure and spend that quality time with the girls and hubby. Hear about their days, tell them about mine. I'll sleep much, much, much, much later.